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Play football on your own terms

Play football on your own terms

Worldwide, football enthusiasts experience the same problem: finding enough players to form a team and fitting games into increasingly busy lives.

Footy Mates aims to provide a solution by giving you the opportunity to play football on your own terms – when and where you want to.

Whether you’re an advanced player looking for fast-paced action, or a social footballer who wants a pick-up game and to meet other like-minded people, Footy Mates has got you covered. We also offer walking football for adults who no longer can or want to run.

Sign up today or visit our FAQs section for more information about playing with Footy Mates.

Do you love football and bringing people together?

Register your interest in becoming a Footy Mates game host or organiser! 


Got questions? Visit the FAQs section to find out more about Footy Mates, how it works, what to expect, and how to partner with us.

How does Footy Mates work?

Footy Mates partners with venues, hosts and organisers to offer competitive, social and walking football games on a casual basis and in a variety of locations, giving you flexibility and the freedom to choose when and where you want to play. 

Playing football with Footy Mates is easy – simply go to the search bar to find a game near you, then create a free Footy Mates profile to book a spot.

You can search by date, location and level (advanced, social, walking), view game information such as venue features and directions, and connect with the game host/organiser.

How do I join a game?

Found a football game near you? To book a spot, click ‘Join the game!’.

You will be asked to create a free Footy Mates profile or sign in to an existing profile. 

Once you have booked a spot, you can connect with the game organiser or host and let your friends know about the game.

On the day, the game organiser/host will check players in, divide them into teams and explain the rules.

Can anybody create a game?

We’re always looking for football enthusiasts to organise and run games.

There are two options:

  1. Play for free (game organiser) – Footy Mates arranges the venue and you run the game on the day. Your game fee will be refunded after the game.
  2. Get paid to play (game host) – you organise the venue, manage bookings and run the game.

Contact us to register your interest or visit the FAQs section to find out more about becoming a game organiser or host.