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Our story

Footy Mates grew from a lifelong passion for football and the benefits it brings to people, communities and society.

After moving to Brisbane in 2021, former NPL player Tamas Maffey-Stumpe discovered it was difficult to play football without committing to a season or league or knowing enough people to form a team.

Worldwide, football enthusiasts are faced with this same problem: finding enough players and fitting games into increasingly busy lives. 

Footy Mates aims to provide a solution by giving people the opportunity to play football on their terms.

We offer competitive, social and walking football games on a casual basis and in a variety of locations, giving you flexibility and the freedom to choose when and where you want to play.

By partnering with venues and game hosts and organisers, we make it easy and enjoyable to play the world game and connect with your local football community.

Meet the Footy Mates team

Tamas Maffey-Stumpe and Kimberley Vlasic are the husband-and-wife team behind Footy Mates. 

Tamas is a Chartered Accountant, who grew up kicking a ball around Far North Queensland before going on to play in the US and Queensland’s National Premier Leagues.

Kim is a journalist turned media and communications professional, who has spent many hours cheering from the sidelines of football games.

When they’re not running Footy Mates, the Brisbane-based couple can be found on beaches and hiking trails around Southeast Queensland.

Our values and vision

Our vision is a world where everyone can play football on their own terms, and at every stage of their life. 

We are guided by the Footy Mates values:

  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Fun
  • Fair

Our community

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